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Plan your next vacation in as easy as 1..2..3 steps

It’s finally that time of the year and you are setting out on a vacation. You were super excited when you planned the vacation in a hurry but realized later on that you missed out on a few important things. Is this your story? That’s not a good place to be. For you and thousands of other vacation planners, we have something incredibly exciting to share about. Today we bring you Findz that can let you plan your vacation in as easy as 3 simple steps. So, without further delay, let’s get on to the steps.

  1. Create a Group, Add Your Travel Buddies: Vacation Planning is not a one man show. Unless you are planning a solo trip, it’s bound to have a group of friends or family members joining you for the vacation. More people bring in more fun and excitement but also more chaos. Every member would have a different story painted on the back of their minds as to how the vacation should pan out. Even if all of them trust you to call the shots as to what should be the ideal hotel, travel plan, activities and restaurants, if anything goes wrong you will be due for an earful. That’s when Findz jumps into the rescue. On Findz you can create a private group and invite your vacation buddies to join the group through an SMS link and contribute their two cents to the planning process. You can share your finds, photos, links, videos, files and with your group and view what others have shared. This helps you collaborate effectively to make this plan a super success. 
  2. Share, View, Vote: Create a group and invite people? Hasn’t WhatsApp been doing that for years now? Yes. There is nothing new about creating groups and adding people to it. Agreed. But, we have a one-word answer for you – PATIENCE. The fun is about to start. People don’t plan vacations in a week or two. If you want everything about your vacation to be picture perfect,  you have to plan the holiday 6 months or even a year in advance. This means that by the time the zero day approaches, you would have collected hundreds of links, youtube videos, local cuisines, famous restaurants, interesting nearby destinations, and so on and so forth. What makes it even more challenging is that you might have collected these randomly on different browsers, devices or apps. It’s also possible that you might have got a few recommendations from people who have been to the place before. When it’s finally time to put all of these together for your vacation buddies, you struggle to recollect them. What makes it worse is that you are not the only one planning the vacation. All of your mates might also have their collection of to-dos. By the time you are done with recollecting and sharing them half the excitement about the vacation would have died down. Enter Findz! Findz lets you collect and share any interesting piece of article, video, links, photos, or anything that you might have encountered at the weirdest hour and collected on the app. The best part is that your friends can react to your finds with emojis and start a chat thread about a particular find. Findz not only saves you a lot of time in curating the content but also makes the process of vacation planning fun and enjoyable. That’s quite a feature to ignore.
  3. Finalize, Create Events, Enjoy: Congratulations! If you have managed to come this far, your plan is still on! Now that you and your buddies have found your way through to zero down on the perfect short stay hotel, restaurant and activity centers, it is time to add more details to your plan. Finalize the date and time when you are planning to visit the most delicious Mexican restaurant in the place and create an event that can be shared with your vacation buddies. You can also add a map location of the restaurant in case you will be driving in separate cars. Isn’t this cool? Head over to your favorite playstore and download Findz now. Pro Tip: You can also collect your vacation memories, photos, videos, anecdotes and funny events to the Findz group to have a good laugh about later.

The next time you start planning a vacation, make it an enjoyable experience with Findz.

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