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Collaborate to collect bookmarks, files, images, shopping list and more on and off the web and from your phone gallery

with Friends

Do more than just bookmarking. Collaborate with friends, family and colleagues to plan vacations, schedule events, set out on a shopping spree and more.

The Findz Story

An exciting vacation?

Anuj was planning a vacation with friends. He researched the best hotels in the area, delicious restaurants and saved them on his bookmarks. When he was done with the planning and wanted to share his plan to his friends, he realized that there is no simple and effective way to collaborate around bookmarks. That was an eureka moment. Anuj had found a problem that needed a solution. Through out the vacation, the idea kept running on his mind.

To the drawing board

After returning from the vacation, Anuj rushed to the drawing board and started mapping a brief skeleton of a mobile app. He wanted the app to not just plan parties and events. People could use the app to save their shopping lists, interesting videos, PDFs, files and everything on and off the web. If you ever found something worth saving and sharing with your family, friends and colleagues, it should be done on the app. He named the app Findz and the journey begun.

Getting people on board the rocketship

Anuj was a seasoned professional and was quick to figure out that Findz can't be a one man show. For it to truly achieve its potential , he needed talented and dedicated people who were as enthusiastic about Findz as him. So, he went hunting for some of the best talents to work on building his dream. He was busy interviewing and soon had a small team working to make Findz a reality. The team started building a prototype and Anuj finally felt like Findz was soon going live.

A rocket crash

After working for months it was finally demo day. Anuj was super excited to see what they have built. But things were far from what he had imagined. The prototype was a disaster and had lots of flaws to cover up for. If things had continued that way, Findz would never have seen the light of day. The pandemic hit soon after and Anuj relieved the the team. He stood almost exactly where he started and headed for a break to introspect on what went wrong.

Stand up and Rebuild

Months of work was wasted and Findz was nowhere near release. However, Anuj is not among the people who give up easily. He picked himself up and resolved to restart with a completely new team. This time, Anuj was clear about the kind of people he wanted to build Findz. The pandemic meant that there couldn't be an office and everything had to be done remotely. Within a few months, a fresh team was ready and the rocket ship was fueled up again to take on the skies.

An exciting vacation, revisited.

Life always takes a full circle. It was the time of the year when Anuj was again planning for a short vacation with his family and a few close friends. This time he knew exactly what to do. He invited his friends to a Findz group and encouraged them to plan the vacation on the app. Everything right from the hotel, near-by activity centers, delicious restaurants was planned and sealed on Findz. Everyone loved the ease with which they could plan on Findz. This was indeed a memorable trip.

A story being written

This has been our topsy-turvy yet exciting ride so far. Findz is a live story that is still being written and we are sure we will experience.

The Findoz: Divided by Roles, United by Goals


Founder & CEO






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Founder & CEO






ACCOUNT manager
Collect bookmarks, photos, files, products and locations from the web or other apps, with friends or family, for your projects, events, trips or shopping

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We are a mission-driven, closely knit team, working in a fast-paced, highly interactive environment with high autonomy and ownership.
We crave for learning and acknowledge that there is a lot that we do not know, and that we will make mistakes as we seek high impact solutions.
We care intensely about the emotional and physical wellbeing of the people we work with and promote a healthy and productive work-life balance.
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